Neuroplasticity Lab @ Academy of Aphasia 2016


Members of the Neuroplasticity Lab will be presenting at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Aphasia in Llandudno, Wales Oct 16-18. Good luck all!

  • Talks:
    • “The cognitive neuroplasticity of reading recovery in chronic aphasia: A representational similarity approach” – Simon Fischer-Baum and Ava Jang
    • “Semantic but not Phonological Short-Term Memory Supports Sentence Elaboration in Narrative Production: Evidence from Left Hemisphere Acute Stroke” – Randi C. Martin, Tatiana Schnur and Jolie Anderson
  • Posters
    • “Do Executive Deficits Underlie Semantic Deficits in Aphasia?” – Curtiss Chapman and Randi Martin
    • “Lexical processing depends on sublexical processing: Evidence from the visual world paradigm with aphasia” – Heather R. Dial, Bob McMurray and Randi Martin
    • “Domain specificity in orthographic long-term and working memory” – Brenda Rapp, Jennifer Shea, Rachel Mis and Randi Martin
    • “Non-perceptual regions in the left supramarginal gyrus support phonological short-term memory: evidence from lesion-symptom mapping and fMRI studies” – Qiuhai Yue, Heather Dial and Randi Martin
    • “Word deafness with preserved number word comprehension” – Rachel Mis and Simon Fischer-Baum


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