Simon received an NSF CAREER grant from the Cognitive Neuroscience Program at the NSF (BCS- 1752751). He will be continuing research using representational similarity analysis to connect computational theories of reading with neural data and developing teaching materials for linking data from cognitive neuroscience and theory from cognitive science. CAREER awards are one of the most […]

Braille Conference @ Rice

Dr. Fischer-Baum is co-organizing a symposium on braille literacy at Rice March 8-10, with Robert Englebretson from Linguistics and Cay Holbrook from University of British Columbia. The conference is funded by Scientia and includes an impressive array of international speakers. More information about the conference here and the conference was features in Rice news.

Two papers in Cognitive Neuropsychology special issue

Simon has two papers available online that will be part of an upcoming special issues of Cognitive Neuropsychology called Theoretical and Methodological Issues for Twenty-First Century Cognitive Neuropsychology. One, with Jared Medina of University of Delaware is on single subject approaches to patient studies in the age of big data. One, with Guilia Campana, formerly of the Neuroplasticity […]


Congrats to Sarah Irons a 2nd year graduate student in the Fischer-Baum Lab for winning a Psychonomic Society/Women in Cognitive Science Travel and Networking Award for Junior Scientists. This award is for women cognitive scientists from the level of graduate student, post-doc or assistant professor to allow them to become known in the professional community […]