Award winning students

Qiuhai Yue, a graduate student working with Randi Martin, was awarded the September 2016 Cognitive Neuropsychology Student Travel Prize.  This is an international competition with typically only 3 winners.  Qiuhai’s application “was selected on the basis of its scientific merit and for the contribution to your research to the field of Cognitive Neuropsychology.”  Qiuhai will present his research […]

Neuroplasticity Lab @ Academy of Aphasia 2016

Members of the Neuroplasticity Lab will be presenting at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Aphasia in Llandudno, Wales Oct 16-18. Good luck all! Talks: “The cognitive neuroplasticity of reading recovery in chronic aphasia: A representational similarity approach” – Simon Fischer-Baum and Ava Jang “Semantic but not Phonological Short-Term Memory Supports Sentence Elaboration […]