New paper in Frontiers in Psychology!

Yingying Tan (former Graduate Student, now a post-doc at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics) and Randi Martin (along with Julie Van Dyke from Haskins Laboratory) have a new paper in Frontiers in Psychology (Semantic and Syntactic Interference in Sentence Comprehension: A Comparison of Working Memory Models). In this paper, they take an individual difference approach to testing competing theories for the role of working memory in sentence comprehension.

New paper in Neural Plasticity!

The Fischer-Baum Lab just published a paper in a special issue of the journal Neural Plasticity on the Neuroplasticity of the Language Network. In the paper, “The Cognitive Neuroplasticity of Reading Recovery following Chronic Stroke: A Representational Similarity Analysis Approach,” we developed a new method for mapping cognitive functions in the damaged brain following stroke and applied this novel method to a single case study of an individual with an acquired reading disorder. The results provide clear evidence for functional takeover – that is that certain brain regions have reorganized and changed their associated function following stroke.

It was written by Simon, along with former lab manager, current UMass Graduate Student David Kajander and former undergraduate RA Ava Jang.